Annual Client Questionnaires

On-Line Questionnaire

We have available for clients, an On-Line Questionnaire, which automatically links into the Xero system we use to prepare your Annual Accounts.

The On-Line Questionnaire is easy to use and you are able to upload relevant documents and submit to us directly.    You do not have to be on Xero to use this Questionnaire and it makes our lives a whole lot easier in the office.

If you would like to try this option and we have not yet sent you a log in,  please let us know and we can ensure you are sent your login details that will take you into your own client portal.

The Paper-Based Questionnaires are still available on request or to download below:

Business Questionnaire    -   Client Questionnaire Business - Client does GST

  -   Client Questionnaire Business - Leslie & O'Donnell does GST

Individual Questionnaire    -   Client Questionnaire 

                                           -   Overseas Income 

Rental Questionnaire         -   Client Questionnaire Rental

Trust Questionnaire           -   Client Questionnaire Trust - Client does GST

                                           -   Client Questionnaire Trust - Leslie & O'Donnell does GST

Farming Questionnaire      -   Client Questionnaire Farmers - Client does GST

                                           -   Client Questionnaire Farmers - Leslie & O'Donnell does GST

Livestock Forms                 -   Client Questionnaire Livestock Numbers

                                           -   Client Questionnaire Livestock Sheet