Compliance & Business Services

Leslie + O'Donnell Ltd = Business Advisers + Financial Strategies + Future Planning

At Leslie & O'Donnell Ltd we provide a comprehensive range of services to help your business run as smoothly and effectively as possible: 

Compliance Work

The traditional "bean counting" job.  We provide a range of accounting services for individuals, partnerships, companies and trusts.   Our team will assist you to fulfill your tax obligations and make the process as simple as possible.  This can include wages, GST returns, FBT returns, monthly cashflows, Annual Financial Statements and Taxation Returns and if you are a company it will include meeting all financial reporting standards and disclosures.

Our compliance work includes:

   Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

We specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses and assist a variety of businesses from vineyards/wineries to property developers, retailers to farmers.  We work alongside clients to provide tailored information and constructive advice on a regular basis. 

   Tax Advice

We can help you with all the various taxes the Government throw at us all – Income Tax, GST, PAYE, FBT, RWT, ACC, etc etc as well as communication with the Inland Revenue Department on your behalf.

At Leslie & O'Donnell Ltd we understand just how much work is involved in keeping your business running efficiently.  And you usually have more important things to do than worry about all the changes in the tax laws every year.  That is where we can help.

Our goal is to optimise your taxation position.  We help you manage your obligations, making sure you know about your tax liabilities as soon as possible and sending reminders so you pay your tax on time. 

We will also assist you in setting up and maintaining systems to complete your own GST, PAYE & FBT returns, if you wish.

   Company Administration

We take the hassle out of the requirements of the Companies Act 1993.  We will maintain your Company file and ensure that you comply with the requirements for a Registered Office, Minute Books, annual Reports and the various Registers that must be kept.

   Trust Administration

Trusts have their own special requirements for record keeping and reporting to the Trustees and Beneficiaries and we will help ensure you meet these requirements.

Business Development Advice

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and their business.  This enables us to get alongside our clients to help them grow a successful business.

   Business Planning

At Leslie & O'Donnell Ltd, we won't predict the future, but we will offer strategic business and financial advice to minimise the risks you face and maximise the potential you know your business has.  Consider us the strategic business partners with your secure financial future our goal.

   Investment & Financial Advice

There seem to be so many options and alternatives as investments that sometimes planning your financial future goes no further than the proverbial piggy bank.  We can arrange for independent financial advice, through our network of professional contacts who specialise in this area, to develop comprehensive and effective strategies that will strengthen your financial security.

   Financing Advice

A wide range of financing options exist, all with their pros and cons. As your strategic business partner we can assist you with securing the best financing option and also to structure debt upon acquisition to maximise tax advantages.

   Budgeting & Cashflows

A good budget is one of the best tools to allow you to set financial targets and measure business performance.  Cashflow forecasting is a vital part of ensuring that your business will always have the cash it needs, and are often a prerequisite for funding approval from financiers.   Leslie & O'Donnell can show you how a budget and a cashflow forecast are able to provide feedback to allow you to prepare for the future of your business.

   Estate/Succession Planning

Unfortunately, one of the necessities in life, and for business owners a succession of ownership is essential in ensuring the long term success of your business.  We can guide you through the process to form a plan that provides for continuation of your business. 

   Computer Software & Support

Leslie & O'Donnell are committed to making your life easier.  With this commitment we want to match the right computer system to suit your needs.  Having a system that works for you enables you to monitor your business more efficiently and be able to discuss business options with up to date data.  It also makes our job of collating end-of-year data easier and therefore will assist us in maximising the value of services we provide.  We have access to a wide range of accounting products and staff available to assess your needs and find the right system for your business.