Software Solutions

There are huge advantages to you using a computer system for your business and there are a lot of excellent products available.  
The trick is choosing the right one for you.

You don't want a system that is too big and you pay for some things you will never use and is far too complicated.
You also don't want a system that is too small and won't allow you to grow or give you all the information you need.

Having a computer system that works for you means you are able to monitor your business more efficiently and be able to discuss business options with up-to-date data. It enables us to get alongside you as a strategic business partner using current information to help grow your business.  It also makes our job of collating end-of-year data easier and therefore will assist us in maximising the value of services we provide.

Here at Leslie & O'Donnell we have access to a wide range of accounting products and staff available to assess your needs and find the right system for your business. 

Some of the options are Xero, Banklink, MYOB and Others





Xero is an on-line accounting system that has live integration with your bank ensuring that your business data is always accessible and up-to-date.

Xero is easy to use and is available on PC or MAC, in the office, at home or on popular mobile device - anywhere, anytime.

Xero enables us to collaborate with you on-line viewing data that is up-to-date to assist with processing, look at results and help you plan for the future.

We use Xero in-house to prepare your annual financial accounts and also to process GST's for clients.   This means that the year-end process is more efficient and quicker as it is all on the one system.

There is an article on this website highlighting the advantages of Xero - Click Here to read more.

Leslie & O'Donnell Ltd are a Certified Xero partner and we have staff trained to help set-up, install and train you on Xero.

To check out Xero how it could fit your business, go to Xero Website or contact us for a demo.

Xero also has a wide range of add-ons that work with the Accounting ability of Xero to provide greater tailor-made solutions for your business.  Figured for Farmers - tracking stock, crops, wool, etc.  Unleashed for a more robust Inventory tracking assistant, Vend or Kounta for a POS solution and many more.  Check out the Xero Add-ons Market Place and/or contact us for advice on what may best suit you and your business.




MYOB offers a large selection of accounting and associated products.

AccountRight is the Accounting solution and ranges from the Basic to Premier which can include, Debtors, Creditors, Inventory, Multi-User, Multi-Currency, Time-Billing, etc.

MYOB LiveAccounts is the MYOB On-Line Accounting package giving you access to your data on-line, anywhere, anytime and up-to-date.

MYOB also has MYOB Payroll and Retail products.

To check out MYOB go to MYOB Website or contact us to discuss which option might suit you.

Other Accounting products we have experience with are:

  • Figured
  • CashManager Rural - popular with our Rural Clients & now available as an on-line version
  • Smartpayroll
  • ACE Payroll
  • Infusion